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Measurement of 2D objects and forms made easy.

Simply photograph the object you want and let Flatify correct any distortions, to use the picture as a template for CAD drawings or even create CAD files in the App!

Capture a Photo

Simply place the reference object on the object to be digitized and create a new project in the Flatify app. Then take a photo with the special Flatify camera.


Review the Image

Review the Image taken and select the correct reference object dimensions. Also select all the edges of the reference object. The more accurate the selection the better the results.


Export the distorted Image

Finally check the distorted image and if you are happy with your result simply export it as Image file.


Generate a CAD File

Another option is to trace the CAD bounds of the actual object. This saves the need for an CAD program on an computer. There are some limitations, for example it is currently not possible to draw round shapes.

Reduce costs

No expensive equipment needed

Company phone can be reused

Saving a CAD program

Less measuring effort

One Photo - All Dimensions

No laser, measuring tape, ... necessary

Simple reference object

Digitize complex shapes easily

No matter what shape

Round, square or 20 corners

Even cutouts are no problem

Less drawing effort

Direct .DXF creation in the app

Simple Shapes: Directly in Flatify

Complex shapes: CAD program

Flatify App

Time. Saved.

Measurement of 2D objects and forms made easy.

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